About us

Thank you for being interested in our activities.
I am Yasuko Matsumoto, the founder of our NPO "Share Mind"

"Why are you doing this?"
A lot of people ask this question to me.

When I was working in a company, I met many people who have trouble even eating.
They are working very hard in a tough situation, but they can't get stable income and job.
Once they become sick and have to quit job, they loose the way to earn money and also place to live.
They will loose every thing.

"If I loose job and dormitory, I don't have place to come back or place to go. Please, I will do anything. Please let me stay in this company, please..."
When I heard such words, I realised for the first time that there are people who can't rely on anyone, even family members.
And I could not do anything looking one person's life is breaking down, because at that time I didn't have any places to let him in, food to give or money to help.

But on the other hand, there are too many wasted social resources.
6,320,000t foods are wasted annually, and many houses are empty.
"If I can use these resources, maybe they can get their hope back even though they are currently under tough situation."
This was the reason why I started Food Bank Project.

Our hope is this,
We want hungry people to eat.
We want to make places where any people who are alone can come and relax.
We want people who don't get any help to get back their hope.
We want to think and act together with them.

If you agree to our mission, could you please think with us and help us?
The future where anyone can live peacefully in in our hands.


CEO Yasuko Matsumoto

She was born on 30/6/1981, and raised at Tama city in Tokyo.
She has experienced closely how handicapped and minority people and their family suffers in a society.
Met a person who lost everything because of poverty in 2015, she decided to establish a NPO.
in november 2015, she established NPO "Share Mind" getting certificate from Japanese cabinet office.
We pursue a NPO which secures human rights.

■Belongs to faculty of health and welfare in Waseda Univ.
■Belongs to JSPCAN(Japanese Society for Precention of Child Abuse and Neglect)
■Belongs to Japanese Association of Certified Social Workers in Tokyo