Food Bank Project

In this project, we are collecting surplus food from houses and companies and share them for people in need for food, such as single-parent families, job seekers, handicapped, and people who have sickness or physical damage.

・foods which have 2 months before the expiration date.
・packed foods which have been not yet opened
・foods which can be stocked at normal temperature, such as rice, canned foods, retort foods, and seasonings.
If you have some surplus foods, please feel free to contact us. We will appreciate your cooperation.

For people who need foods

 We will offer foods by pantry or delivery. please contact us first.
When you contact us, please tell us ①your name,② your address, ③your number or mail address. Even though you don't have address, please contact us freely.
Sometimes life becomes very tough. If you are hungry or anxious about life, do not try to bear by yourself. Contact us anytime. We are waiting your contact.

We stock rice and rehydratable noodle regularly. Stock of canned and retort foods are subject to collecting situation, so please contact us first. 

We are opening "Free Supermarcket"
Share Mind opened "Free Supermarcket" for the very first time in Japan.

●Next Free supermarcket will be held in
Oyako cafe "WithCo" 3F 1-2-1, Tsurumaki, Tama city, Tokyo, Japan
at 1/10/2017 10:00~14:00


●Mission of Free supermarcket
・To solve the very important social problem that we are wasting foods which can still be eaten.
・To inform people in need for food, for example children and intellectually handicapped about Food bank  activity.
・To make a system where people who have surplus foods can easily involve.


■Media Appearance
1/9/2017 YOMIURI Tama edition morning paper
8/9/2017 ASAHI Tama edition morning paper
13/9/2017 Huffington post Japan
14/9/2017 TBS radio "Stand-by"