Assistance for Homeless people

Share Mind will support your new action
・consultation on phone or email
・urgent food assistance
・accompany a visit to welfare office
・accompany a visit to rental agreement and give emergency contact number
・preparation support of clothes and livingware
・support to get physical handicap certificate
・consultation about job seek,
and more...

For people who is staying in "internet cafe" or who don't have address

We are offering independence support for who lost own home.
Our mission on this support is to assist them to get an address to make stable living.
We will do our best to support you, but before all we need your strong will such as "I want to live positively"
Even you may think"I have some reason I can't take resident card", or you have anxiety, do not think only by yourself.Please consult us.
Let's think together to search how we can resolve problems you are [holding.]

For people suffering domestic violence, or people who feel uncomfortable at home.

・If you are exposed to physical or mental violence
・If you can't stop vihaving violently
・If you feel isolated in home
・If you experience shocking family affair and you don't feel at ease
・If you can't stop worrying about family
and so on...

Why don't you stay away from your home for a while?
or talking to someone else about yourself may help.
We hold a guest room where you can feel safe and be calmed.

For people who don't know what to do.

・If you don't eat anything for days
・If you are staying night at irregular places
・If you can't go anywhere
・If you are hiding yourself from dangerous person
・If you don't know how to live
・If you are working hard but life won't get better

You may be in panic because of unordinary situation.
Please use our Food bank first. We have something to eat and place to sleep for you.
Let's eat together and think what to do next with us.
It's better to think together than alone.