● Re-view rights of children from picture book●
~An present from Swedish author~
[Joint host with Hatsuko Kawana Lab in Waseda Univ.]
Warm and cute 18 artworks covering around the room show "rights of children"
We lend artworks for free to gallery or shops.
Works' size is A2. you can borrow from 1 work.
Please feel free to contact us.

●KAMPAN meets 〇〇〇●
KAMPAN is a japanese hard biscuit, a popular emergency food.
Kampan is originally a very important food, but unfortunately it makes a poor reputation in general.
However, once it meets 〇〇〇, it becomes a special meal!
"KAMPAN meets 〇〇〇" is a new style food share party Share Mind offers.
Why don't you join us?

●Hug me doll making workshop●
~Let's make a "close friend" together!~
Why don't you make a hand made doll with your children?
Your children's old clothed will be remade to the doll's clothes.
Hand made doll will carry a message "I care about you" to your children.

"My child really really liked the doll"
"she is always holding the doll"
"I gave it to my child, but I want one too"
"As I made it by myself, I love this one than others"

This doll will reflesh you from the bottom.